How about about diving in beautiful mountain lakes of Kyrgyz Republic? Explore a new world of unknown, sunk secrets of history. 

Issyk-Kul would be a top pick as you it has a number of sunk settlements and many divers love it for its mysteries. 

That is not all, you can even get a professional PADI certificate and become a member of Professional Association of Diving Instructors.


Diving Club of Kyrgyz Republic

Diving club provides a wide range of services including diving and other related services.

Hours: Monday through Friday 10AM to 6PM, Sat 10AM to 5PM

Price range: $, starting from $35 per person

Services: diving tours, equipment sale and rent, diving classes

Contact information: T +996772456819, +996773489841,



Location: 5, T. Moldo str., Bishkek

Photos: Victor Liagushkin