Dordoi Bazaar

The king of the open-air markets in Central Asia

This 100-hectare monster was described by one western journalist as 'a modern monument to the power of raw commerce'. There are over 30,000 containers in this modern Silk Road trade center, which makes it to top 10 largest markets in the world according to different sources. This separate state called Dordoi appeared back in 90s as a trading point between China and Europe.

Starting with only 5 hectares in the very beginning the bazaar grew so large it's annual turnover reached USD 7 billion during its best times. Majority of the products are  from China, but you will easily find those from Turkey, Asia, Europe and the United States. As another journalist put it, 'you could buy happiness and plutonium there too if you knew which containers sold them', and it's quite a good description of Dordoi Bazaar.