Dubovy Park

Open-air sculpture museum of Bishkek

Apart from being another great park for a walk, Dubovy Park (translates as 'oak park') is also a home to the Open-air Sculpture Museum, which was founded in 1984. Over 200 works of Kyrgyz sculptors are distributed around this open-air museum, whose initial sculptures count used to be 93. 

Make sure you visit the Kyrgyz Artists Union's Exhibition Hall while you are in Dubovy Park, you will find the first art benches in Bishkek next to the entrance. Combining your visit here with couple more places would make perfect sense — there are two more museums  around: the Fine Arts Museum across the Tynystanov street and the National History Museum across the Razzakov street. On top of that there is the Bishkek's main square, the Ala-Too square less than in a 10-minute walk.