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GO KG's Events Guide Weekly

GO KG's Events Guide Weekly

We kept seeing questions about events in Bishkek from expats and foreign guests. And there was no information in English. Well, until now. GO KG launches Events Guide Weekly — we will collect the most interesting events of the coming week in a weekly guide.

Tuesday, Oct 25

'Be My Love' Concert Dedicated to Mario Lanza, 7 pm

The concert of three tenors, Alejandro Olmedo, Dmitrii Trunov, and Oleg Polpudin, dedicated to the anniversary of the singer, includes the most popular opera arias, songs from musicals and movies of the great tenor of the XX century, Mario Lanza.

Venue: Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater, 167, Abdrahmanova str.
Tel.: +996 (312) 899 447, +996 (312) 661 841, +996 (557) 454 612
Entrance: KGS 1,200—1,500

Charlotte Sterland — Jazz Standards, 8 pm

Studio 247

Studio 247

A guest from UK — Jazz Standards with Charlotte Sterland in Studio 247. Charlotte will perform with local musicians: Taalai Beisheev, Clyde Forsberg, Azamat Dzhumashev, Erik Satarov and local J'Din Band. Galina Ketova will be the host of the evening.

Venue: Studio 247, 37, Erkindik ave.
Tel.: +996 (557) 247 000
Entrance: KGS 200


Wednesday, Oct 26

Weekly Board Gaming / German Discussion Club, 2:30 pm



Every Wednesday from 2:30 to 4:00 pm there are board games and / or discussion of different topics in German. Everybody is free to join. This time it's board games.

Venue: Room 2-303, State Technical University ('Politeh'), 66, Mira ave.
Contact: (Yves)
Entrance: free of charge
Language: German (although everybody not knowing German is welcome)

Stand Up Comedy in Studio 247, 8 pm

Open mic stand up for any volunteers in Studio 247, traditionally every second week.

Venue: Studio 247, 37, Erkindik ave.
Tel.: +996 (557) 247 000
Entrance: free of charge
Language: Russian


Thursday, Oct 27

Drums Show for Kids, 11:00 am

Children and their parents are invited to a musical and educational 'Drums Show', where they can learn everything about drums, take part in the event program and different prizes. The event is organized by Swiss Embassy in Kyrgyz Republic.

Venue: VEFA Cinema, 27/1, Gorkii str.
Tel.: +996 (556) 233 556
Entrance: KGS 50

'Power Supply in KR. Time to Rethink?' Open Lecture, 2:00 pm

This Thursday as a part of seminar series 'Research, Technology and Environment' there will be an open lecture on power supply in KR. The lecture will be held by Melisande F. Liu, Junior CIM Energy Specialist, UNISON Civic Foundation. 

Venue: Conference Room of State Technical University ('Politeh'), 66, Mira ave.
Contact: (Dr.-Ing. Stefan Dilfer)
Entrance: free of charge
Language: German with Russian translation


Friday, Oct 28

'Autumn Mood' Exhibition, 11 am / salkywa / salkywa

'Autumn mood' is the name of the exhibition by Valerii Ruppel dedicated to 114th anniversary of Semen Chuikov, famous USSR painter. Paintings, works made of felt and installations are what the exhibition has to offer.

Venue: Chuikov Museum, 87 A, Chuikov str.
Tel.: +996 (312) 303 364
Entrance: free of charge

'World of Felt — Nomad Spirit' Exhibition, 3 pm

Kiyiz Duino

Kiyiz Duino

'World of Felt — Nomad Spirit' exhibition presents nomadic traditions. You will see traditional Kyrgyz clothing and take part in different workshops. 

Venue: The Gapar Aitiev Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts, 196, Abdrahmanov str.
Tel.: +996 (312) 621 641
Entrance: n/a

Doctor Strange — English Movie Club, 6:50 pm

English movie club is a project by Cinematica movie theaters chain, where they show movies in English. This time it's 'Doctor Strange', the English version of which will be shown at the same time on 29th and 30th of October as well.

Venue: VEFA Cinema, 27/1, Gorkii str.
Tel.: +996 (312) 596 688
Entrance: KGS 320

Chicken Star

Chicken Star

Traditional Fandango music evening at Chicken Star. Lots of Cuban music and chicken. 

Venue: Chicken Star, 36, Erkindik blvd.
Tel.: +996 (558) 041 111
Entrance: KGS 150

Purple King at Zusmanovich's Suitcase, 9:00 pm

Zusmanovich's Suitcase

Zusmanovich's Suitcase

As the organizers describe them, the 'Purple King' band is 'an acid modern hard rock'. The band is fresh — they started this July and are now in process of recording their first album.

Venue: 'Zusmanovich's Suitcase', 6-2, 4th microdistrict
Tel.: +996 (550) 223 667, +996 (553) 041 870
Entrance: free of charge


Saturday, Oct 29

'Volver' by Pedro Almodovar, 7 pm

'Inoe Kino' ('other movies' from Russian) movie club is announcing its 5th meeting to learn more about Pedro Almodovar, watch his 'Volver' and discuss. The movie club is a community of art film fans in Bishkek.

Venue: ololo art studio, 33, Erkindik ave.
Tel.: +996 (555) 777 400
Entrance: KGS 100
Language: Russian

Halloween Party in 'Zusmanovich's Suitcase', 8 pm

Described as 'the best Halloween Party' by the organizers, the party will have Dj Graff & Dj Floky and have a restricted access — 18+ only. 

Venue: 'Zusmanovich's Suitcase', 6-2, 4th microdistrict
Tel.: +996 (550) 223 667, +996 (553) 041 870
Entrance: free of charge


Sunday, Oct 30

Biking Season Closing, 9 am

It's been 11 years since Bishkek starter holding the season closing event. Number or participants is growing annually — from 200 in 2014 and 350 in 2015, the organizing party is expecting about 500 participants this time. Anyone on a bike can join — the event will start at 10:00 am from cycling from 'South Gates' ('Iuzhnye vorota') to 'AIU Grand Comfort' Trade Center. There's an entertainment program afterwards with delicious plov. At 1 pm bikers will depart to Orto-Sai village.

Venue: South Gates Park (Victory Park or 'Iuzhnye vorota')
Tel.: +996 (550) 694 888
Entrance: free of charge

XVII Iaido Festival, 10 am

Shiseikan Iaido Federation in Kyrgyz Republic organizes XVII Iaido Festival — movies about iaido, different perfomances and workshops, sumo wrestlers and Japanese musicians, and, finally competition — iaido taikai sem-finals and finals. 

Venue: National Children and Youth Center, 197, Abdymomumova str.
Tel.: +996 (773) 989 680
Entrance: free of charge

Kids Halloween Party, 11 am

A Halloween party for kids with make-up, music, contests and workshops. Kids of age 3-6 — 11 am to 1 pm, kids kids at the age of 7 and older — 3 pm to 6 pm.

Venue: Chicken Star, 36, Erkindik blvd.
Tel.: +996 (701) 605 037
Entrance: KGS 500 for kids, adults — free or charge

'Middle Ages Autumn' Festival, 12 pm



No, calm down, nothing 'Game of Thrones'-related. But. The festival will show ammunition of warriors of Middle Ages Europe, Golden Horde, Russ, and cossacks. Tournaments, mass battles will make you familiar with history of war art of past times. Organized by historical fencing and reconstruction club.

Venue: Arkan-Tokoi Sky Ropes Park, 197, Abdymomumova str.
Contact: Facebook event
Entrance: free of charge

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