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Why Do Foreign Citizens Have Now to Register in Kyrgyz Republic?

Why Do Foreign Citizens Have Now to Register in Kyrgyz Republic?

Two days ago a new law with amendments to the migration law entered into force. Now starting from Nov 4 citizens of foreign countries have to register within 5 days since their arrival. Previously it used to be a 30-day period. A law was initiated by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and a number of Parliament Members. The Government's logic behind this new law is that there's a lack of effective migration control, and foreign citizens start different companies and joint-ventures, hire citizens of their countries with breaking migration laws when hiring foreign workforce. While it is most likely about Chinese citizens, it is not clear why the new law is to be applied to all foreign citizens. This also contradicts Government's attempt to develop tourism and implementing visa-free regime, the effect of which will be significantly decreased now. 

Amendments have been passed relatively unnoticed thanks to the situation with amendments to the Constitution and coming referendum on their approval. A new law has brought a negative reaction both from foreign citizens and local. There was a petition started on to get the new law canceled. At the time of this publication it had 648 votes. Some political forces have already started trying to benefit from the situation offering a new law with amendments to increase registration period up to 30 days. 

While there's a great deal of uncertainty around the new law, we are now finding out what the exact procedure is and will be publishing a guide on that soon.

Meanwhile our colleagues from have prepared a Q&A article about the new law. 

What happened?

A new edition of the migration law entered into force on Nov 4. It has a number of amendments, but the major one is reducing registration period for foreign citizens from 30 days to 5.

Why is it important? 

It may have a negative effect on tourism potential of Kyrgyz Republic, because those amendments are making to register not only migrants, but also travelers, alpinists and foreigners visiting Lake Issyk-Kul.

If those on a vacation in Kyrgyz Republic for less than 30 days used to get away from Kyrgyz bureaucrats, now it's mandatory for majority of them to fill out papers.

So now what? 

If you are a foreign citizen interested in visiting Kyrgyz Republic for more than 5 days, you will have to register.

Do all foreign citizens have to register? 

Yes, but citizens of certain countries have a longer registration period — for example, citizens of Russia have 30 days to register because of the agreement between two countries.

How does one register? 

Registration process will not take place immediately on arrival. You will have to go to offices of Population Registration Department and register there. The papers required are: — application for registration; — passport; — bill confirming payment of the state fee (KGS 120, — GO KG). The application is to be filled out in one of the offices, the payment is also can be made there. You will only need your passport. According to the statement of State Registration Service officer, you will also need to specify your actual residence in the application.

Where are those office?

It will be difficult for one to find those not knowing any of local languages. UK Embassy in Kyrgyz Republic has published a list of Population Registration Department offices. All offices are working 9 am to 6 pm with Saturday and Sunday as days off.

Can a hotel or a tour company register foreign citizens?

Some hotels and tour companies provide services on registration of foreign citizens, but the price is several times higher — the range is from KGS 500 to KGS 1,000.

What happens if a foreign citizen does not register?

If one does not register within 5 days, there will be a KGS 10,000 fine.

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