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Good Coffee in Bishkek

Good Coffee in Bishkek

Bishkek too had its rise of coffee shops in recent years joining the coffee revolution, the boom even seems still active with new coffee shops and franchises opening. In this piece of our Bishkek Atlas guide, which was inspired by one of the best Russian media, Meduza, we are introducing some of the best places you don't want to miss if you are looking for good coffee or just some quiet time.


Vanilla Sky

147, Moskovskaia str.
Mon to Sat 8 am to 1 am
(Sun 8 am to 12 am)
+996 (312) 976 268

This well-designed coffee shop offers probably the coziest glass terrace in town apart from coffee. Whether it's a meeting or you need to work, it's a great spot with an array of breakfast/lunch items. The place is quite popular and one can see how the owner loves it by the constant improvements. No wonder Almaty now also has its own Vanilla Sky.

Q Coffee

26 A, Logvinenko str.
Mon to Sun 7 am to 10 pm
+996 (776) 778 558

The most popular hipster coffee shop in Bishkek. The place is not large, but it's more than well compensated by nice atmosphere and friendly staff. The owner is a big coffee fan, which is another pro.


103, Moskovskaia str.
Mon to Sat 8 am to 2 am
(Sun 8 am to 12 am)
+996 (312) 665 151

Navigator is a part Bishkek's history being one of its oldest restaurants, no wonder it's usually crowded. The place would be worth visiting even if it had no coffee. Navigator may serve definitely not the cheapest coffee in town, but coffee fans would agree it's totally worth it. Great place when the weather in nice as the outdoor seating jsut can't be beat. 

Chicken Star

36, Erkindik blvd.
Mon to Sun 11 am to 11 pm
+996 (558) 041 111

Chihoon, the owner of the place has several passions as you can learn from our piece about him. Coffee is one of them. This is the best place to try Asian style coffee. Chihoon also tries to have some unique items in his menu you won't find anywhere else in Bishkek like milk shakerato or lavender latte. The place is also used for art exhibitions and music events, check Saturday open mic.


87, Isanov str.
(more locations: 12345)
24/7 / Mon to Sun 8 am to 2 am
+996 (312) 615 417

This is a local chain of coffee shops that has locations all over town, but this location has the most personality. Good menu and a shady patio out front. Lots of room to meet with friends, work or just chill with your favorite book.


75/1, Toktogul str.
(more locations: 1234567, 8)
Mon to Fri 10 am to 6 pm
+996 (557) 449 943

This popular local chain is the largest chain to serve takeout coffee at reasonable price. Uptown? Don't worry, 9 spots cover almost every part of Bishkek. 


9, Manas ave.
(more locations: 1, 2)
Mon to Sun 9 am to 11:30 pm
+996 (312) 312 842

The pioneer chain of coffee shops in Bishkek. Good spot for getting things done. Do your work with a cup of coffee. Reward yourself with a cheesecake or an apple strudel after.

Coffee 135

135, Moskovskaia str.
Mon to Sun 8 am to 11 pm
+996 (312) 622 828

One of the oldest coffee shops in town. A great place for meetings in a quiet cozy atmosphere. Perhaps the only coffee shop in town, which serves samsas (and they are great). 

Traveler's Coffee

70, Baitik Baatyr str.
Mon to Sun 9 am to 11 pm
+996 (773) 388 838

Bishkek has recently seen a boom of franchise businesses. This is one of them, a well-known Russian franchise is now in Bishkek too. The franchise is present in 7 countries with over 90 coffee shops. The place has pastries made in-house and a shop selling beans, coffeeware, and accessories.

Sierra Coffee

57/1, Manas ave.
1 G, Gorky str.
Mon to Sun 7:30 am to 11 pm
+996 (312) 311 248

This youth-and-hipsters-favorite has all the right moves — plenty of space for working or studying, great coffee drinks, and even bike parking. There's a second spot at the Tash-Rabat shopping centre on Gorky street. 

Our guide is just a set of recommendations, if you think we've missed a place, you can always write to us — or find us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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