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Bishkek for Kids

Bishkek for Kids

All previous parts of our Bishkek Atlas guide, which was inspired by one of the best Russian media, Meduza, were dedicated mostly to adults. Time for our younger friends now. We've included some of the best places in town to take your kids into this piece. You certainly won't find Disney theme parks or Six Flags in Bishkek, which doesn't exactly mean there are no places here to have fun with your kids at.


Children Scientific Complex

163/1, Moskovskaia str.
Sat to Sun 11 am to 6 pm
+996 (550) 223 344

A unique place for Bishkek — before it opened in 2016 you had to travel to other cities of CIS to take your kids to the places like Children Scientific Complex. Luckily your kids now can enjoy this science museum in Bishkek, the complex has over 60 exhibit items, which will help your kids to better understand the laws of physics and astronomy.

Cosmopark's Game Zone

Microdistrict #7, K. Marx str. crossing Donetskaia str.
Mon to Sun 9 am to 1 am
+996 (312) 299 393

Game machines? Probably the best place in town for those is Cosmopark's Game Zone. Cosmopark is the largest entertainment complex in Bishkek with movie theaters (and the only IMAX in the country), game zone and bowling center. Over 100 game machines will make sure you will have a great time with your kids. And if you want to take your kids to watch a movie, all you have to do to is to use an elevator.

Fun City

148, Kievskaia str., Bishkek Park Mall, 3rd floor
Mon to Sun 10 am to 10 pm
+996 (312) 311 911

A relatively new place for Bishkek — the owners have tried to collect everything your kids may like into a single place (some entertainment for adults too) —game machines, attractions, karaoke, a movie theater and a restaurant. They even have cooking classes for children. 

Galaxy Family Park

147/4, Chui ave., Detsky Mir Shopping Center, 4th floor
Mon to Sun 10 am to 10 pm
+996 (312) 626 700

One of the oldest places in town to spend time with your children. Game machines and attractions, a labyrinth, bouncy castles and much more. A bonus is that this complex is located on the 4th floor of 'Detsky Mir'. The former translates as 'children's world', the complex has lots of stores with a wide range from toys and up to kids clothing.

Flamingo Amusement Park

303, Mira ave.
Mon to Thu 11 am to 10 pm
(Fri to Sun 11 am to 11 pm)
+996 (312) 626 700

Unfortunately you won't find Six Flags or anything of that level in Bishkek, still there is a local version of it, Flamingo Amusement Park. Make sure you ride 'kamikaze', which is the most exciting (and the most popular) attraction of the park. 

Panfilov Park

58, Panfilov str.
Mon to Sun 10 am to 8:45 pm
+996 (312) 626 700

There are lots of parks in Bishkek and many of them have attractions for kids. But if you made us choose, we would recommend this one, Panfilov Park. A nice outdoor place to spend a day with your children. It also will soon have the largest Ferris wheel in Bishkek, which is an additional reason to pay a visit.

Erkindik Boulevard

Yes, you've already seen Erkindik boulevard in our piece of Bishkek Atlas dedicated to 12 must-visit places in Bishkek. And it is a great place to have a walk with your kids. Don't forget to buy your kids ice cream from Fresco ice cream truck. Plus a lot of interesting events choose Erkindik as their location, so you have pretty good chances to take part in one of those.


1/2, Ankara str.
Mon to Sun 10 am to 10:00 pm (Tue 12:00 am to 10:00 pm)
+996 (550) 323 623

One more place with a wide range of attractions to choose from game machines to rock-climbing walls. The place is located at Techno Park shopping centre, so it's a good chance to combine your shopping plans and spending times with your kids. 


Our guide is just a set of recommendations, if you think we've missed a place, you can always write to us — or find us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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