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GO KG's Bishkek Events Guide Weekly

GO KG's Bishkek Events Guide Weekly

While Bishkek is not the richest city for different events, it doesn't necessarily mean there is nothing to do here. In GO KG's Events Guide Weekly we are collecting the most interesting events of the coming week.


Monday, Oct 15

Mimino | 8 pm

This Monday’s film at Asanbay Center is a Soviet classic, Mimino.

Venue: Asanbay Center, 21 A, Aaly Tokombaev str.
Tel.: +996 (775) 979 500
Entrance: KGS 100


Tuesday, Oct 16

Toastmasters Club: Stress Management | 7 pm to 8:30 pm

Toastmasters public speaking club invites anyone interested to join its next meeting, which will be devoted to stress management. The club meets every Tuesday evening in order to practice speaking in front of groups, gaining confidence in public speaking and developing new communication skills.

We have the following roles for the next meeting: 
Venue: Bishkek Toastmasters Club, 242, Tynystanov str.
Tel.: n/a | Facebook event
Entrance: free of charge

Leon: The Professional | 8 pm

This Tuesday’s film at Asanbay Center is the legendary Leon.

Venue: Asanbay Center, 21 A, Aaly Tokombaev str.
Tel.: +996 (775) 979 500
Entrance: KGS 100


Wednesday, Oct 17

Study at Harvard Kennedy School of Government | 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

What is MC MPA? How to apply, who is eligible for E. Mason fellowship, how to secure funding and many other questions you may have at this session with two graduates of the program this Wednesday.

Venue: Soros Kyrgyzstan Office, 55, Logvinenko str.
Tel.: n/a | Facebook event
Entrance: free of charge (registration only)

Art Wednesday: Michelangelo | 7 pm to 8:30 pm

This Wednesday will be about Michelangelo and his works. Come learn more about the Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet of the High Renaissance.

Venue: ololohaus co-working and events space, 103, Ibraimov str. (Victory Business Center, 3rd floor)
Tel.: +996 (777) 990 056
Entrance: KGS 50

First Man | 9 pm

English Movie Club is a project by Cinematica movie theaters chain, where they show movies in English. This time it's First Man, the English version of which will be shown at its 'Cosmopark' movie theater.

Venue: Cosmopark, 7 microdistrict
Tel.: +996 (312) 299 494
Entrance: KGS 260


Thursday, Oct 18

Digital Economy and E-Payments | 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

This event is a part of the FinTech event series. This time it will be about the digital economy and electronic payments in the Kyrgyz Republic. Participants include representatives of the state bodies, businesses, payment companies and international organisations.

Venue: ololohaus Erkindik, 64 B, Erkindik ave.
Tel.: +996 (555) 040 088
Entrance: free of charge


Friday, Oct 19

October Fest by Bags Banny | 7 pm to 4 am

Lots of fun and music at Octoberfest by Bugs bunny this Friday night as Asanbay Center.

Venue: Asanbay Center, 21 A, Aaly Tokombaev str.
Tel.: +996 (708) 808 371, +996 (707) 035 508, +996 (553) 777 059
Entrance: n/a | Facebook event

Friday Jazz Night with Salt Peanuts | 9 pm to 11 pm

One of the best Kyrgyz jazz bands, Salt Peanuts this Friday at SomeWhere Bistro!

Venue: SomeWhereBistro, 487 A, Zhibek-Zholu ave.
Tel.: n/a | Facebook event
Entrance: KGS 200


Saturday, Oct 20

Eco Farm Fest 2018 | 11 am to 8 pm

Meet the major festival of this autumn! October is the time for harvest — every culture has its own events: German Erntedankfest, American Thanksgiving Day, Korean Chuseok… Now the Kyrgyz Republic has one too — come celebrate Fall Eco Farm Fest this Saturday. Delicious food from favorite restaurants, educational lectures, variety of workshops, activities for children, music from talented musicians, open-air film screening, farmer’s market, pumpkin fair and art installations exhibition.

Venue: EcoFarm, Chui region, between Baitik and Archaly villages
Tel.: +996 (559) 119 444 |
Entrance: KGS 900 (two-way transfer and snacks included)

Buy tickets online

Sunday, Oct 21

Family Photo Shoot | 1 pm to 9 pm

Several locations will be prepared for family day and night photo shoots at the Ata-Turk Park on Ahunbaev str.

Venue: Ata-Turk Park
Tel.: +996 (772) 219 654
Entrance: n/a | Facebook event

GO KG's Bishkek Events Guide Weekly

GO KG's Bishkek Events Guide Weekly

GO KG's Bishkek Events Guide Weekly

GO KG's Bishkek Events Guide Weekly