Sunny Fish Fountain

If Barcelona's Park Güell was in Bishkek, this fountain would be a perfect fit

Unfortunately Bishkek doesn't have its own version of Barcelona's Park Güell. But if it had such a park, this fountain, beyond all doubt the most beautiful one in Bishkek, would be a perfect fit. Designed and built in 1982, the fountain was named 'solnechnye rybki', which translates as 'sunny fish' from Russian. Vladimir Krugman, the author, who now resides in Germany, considers it as one of his best works. 

Sunny Fish was considered too showy when it was first presented. Luckily it has managed to stay as a part of the city. In 2016 the fountain saw its first renovation in 34 years. Made of mosaics, Sunny Fish Fountain certainly has a special place in Bishkek's collection of mosaics