This is another way to get familiar with Kyrgyz Republic. And it has to be said, it's one of the best ways — fresh mountain air, blue sky, beautiful mountains, what else do you need?

Kyrgyz Republic is a sunny country, so one thing you won't have any problem with if you plan trekking / hiking is the weather. But be sure you're prepared well, as more than 75% of the country is a mountainous terrain so it is quite a legwork. There's a lot to choose from — alpine lakes and waterfalls, gorges and peaks. You definitely should visit these lakes: Kol-Suu, Ala-Kul, Son-Kol, and Sary-Chelek. This waterfalls you should not ignore: Maiden Braids (Tears), Tears of Bars, Abshir-Ata, and Kegety. Remember the gorges you should visit: Chunkurchak, Zheti-Oguz (Seven Bulls), Kegety, Karakol, and Altyn-Arashan Gorge. As for peaks — choose from Lenin, Pobeda (Victory) Peak, Khan-Tengri or Piramidalny. 

Photos: Zahariz Khuzaimah