Ever wondered what cuisine true nomads had? Well, you have a chance to experience it yourself. It definitely won't leave you indifferent. Kyrgyz cuisine is mainly about meat and dairy products as it was strongly influenced by the nation's historically nomadic way of life. and many cooking techniques were focused on long-term preservation of food. You definitely have to try beshbarmak, a Kyrgyz dish with lamb and noodles. Kyrgyz plov will also make you come back again to our country. Boorsoks or fried bread will melt in your mouth. And drinks... There's such a variety — kymyz, bozo, maksym, chalap, and ayran — you have to find what they are. Watch the video of foreigners trying Kyrgyz foods below.

Photos: Ahmet Dogan, Dinara Dzhunusova, thetasteoftravel.com, olgasflavorfactory.com, arbuz.com, grill.kg, ingredientmatcher.com